Bodegas Muñana, one of the commercial wineries with its own vineyard at the highest altitude in Europe.

imagen del paisaje de Bodegas Muñana

our history

imagen del paisaje de Bodegas Muñana

Located in the north of Granada, it maintains the tradition of a land where the Romans made wine two thousand years ago.

The term Muñana probably derives from the Arabic-Hispanic word "al munya" (orchard or farm), and this in turn from the classical Arabic "al-munyah" (desire). This word originally designated an orchard or a country house, surrounded by gardens and land for cultivation.

Within the domains of the estate where the vineyards now grow, there was an old town called Muñana inhabited by Moors, which after their expulsion in 1570 was depopulated

The Peñas Prietas land, where Muñana's wines are produced, extends over 200 ha (hectares).

Peñas Prietas appeared as "Piedras Prietas" in various documents around 1845-1850, the time when brandy was manufactured. We deduce from these data that there are vineyards on the estate even before the expulsion of the Moors.


Somos 8 empleados directos y hasta 30 empleados indirectos

Twenty-five temporary workers in agriculture.

Commercial presence in more than 2,500 points of sale.

Main markets: Spain, Switzerland, China, Holland, Belgium,
Germany, USA.


Protected Designation of Origin: Wines of Granada.

Protected geographical indication: Altiplano of Sierra Nevada.

ISO 22000

The property belongs to the Hess family.

The vineyards

Farm surface: 180ha
In addition to the vineyard, more than 40ha of olive groves are cultivated.

Six red grape varieties
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Monastrell and Tempranillo.

Three white grape varieties
Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Moscatel.

Human capital
Five women and three men administration, logistics and commercial department.
Four women and twelve men in agriculture.

Commercial presence
In more than 2500 points of sale.

finca de plantación de vid
viñedo y puerta Bodegas Muñana


Main international markets
Switzerland, China, Holland, Belgium, Germany, USA.

Denomination of Origin GRANADA
Protected Geographical Indication Altiplano of Sierra Nevada.

The property belongs to the Hess family

It depends on the varieties, but we do not produce more than 2-2.5 kg. of grape / vine (in other regions it is usual to grow up to 15 kg / vine). This has a fundamental influence on the quality of our wines.

With this we achieve much greater intensity and quality, both aromatic and organoleptic, intensity of color and structure in the reds, etc.



Our location, bordering the Sierra Nevada National Park and close to the Mediterranean creates very special climatic conditions, which allow the cultivation of a significant number of grape varieties, superior to that of other geographical areas.

The high altitude and thermal amplitude between night and day, the low incidence of pests, more days of sunshine and lower environmental humidity produce a slow and natural maturation, allowing the plant to develop in better conditions than in other latitudes.

viñedo y lago
recolectando vid

Manual harvest

The impediment of the terrain itself with very steep slopes forces us to make a direct selection in the vineyard that allows us to pick the bunches with optimal maturation and an impeccable sanitary condition.

We do not use boxes of more than 15 kg of capacity to avoid any process of oxidation during transport. Preserving 100% the virtues of our fruit.

Varied cultivation

In the 80s, the Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell varieties were planted, and in 2000 Petit Verdot, Syrah and Merlot were added. In addition to the reds, we grow white varieties: Muscat small grain, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. This diversity of crops is an added effort, which forces us to place special emphasis on the scheduling of the harvest and the transport to the winery in perfect condition to produce complete wines of great complexity.

interior bodega muñana


The caves provide a constant thermal stability that ranges between 15 ℃ and 18 ℃. This factor is crucial for aging wines in barrels, with a slower evolution, which allows a good blend between the wine and the aromatic compounds that the wood yields, as well as greater color stability.


Process specifically carried out for the production of our white wine, made with Moscatel, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

This procedure facilitates a greater extraction of aromas and flavors, increasing their concentration in the wine and allowing them to be perceptible together with the aromas and flavors of the Moscatel variety.

criomazeración de vino
vino muñana y mujeres probándolo

Our wines

choque de copas de vino muñana

Bodegas Muñana is one of the commercial wineries with their own vineyard higher altitude of Europe with a farm area of 200ha. In addition to the vineyard, more than 70ha of pistachio and pecan nuts are grown, which makes us one of the largest walnut producers in Spain.

We grow six red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Syrah , Petit Verdot , Monastrell and Tempranillo . Also three white grape varieties: Sauvignon blanc , Chardonnay y Moscatel .

The Bodegas Muñana wines are made to develop endless sensations on the palate.

Our winery is located in a natural space so wide that it allows us to carry out endless activities in full contact with nature. In addition to our famous tastings and experiences in the winery, in Muñana we have different routes and active tourism proposals.


50 hectares of pistachio and 15 of pecan nuts

lote pistachos

BODEGAS MUÑANA is part of the Swiss Gourmet Group (, which operates in the field of nuts.

En estos momentos tenemos 7 fábricas y otras 5 empresas, el grupo asume un papel de liderazgo en el comercio mundial de almendras, macadamia, pistachos y nueces.

We operate in the most important markets, both in producing and consuming countries.

Thanks to our vertical integration, we can offer products within the entire production chain, that is, "from the tree to the table".

Furthermore, BODEGAS MUÑANA also wants to invest in the production of pistachios and walnuts in the future.

We are currently cultivating 50 hectares of pistachios and 15 hectares of walnuts in our Peñas Prietas farms in Cortes and Graena (Granada) and another 30 hectares will be planted in 2021.

At BODEGAS MUÑANA we also have our own Nurseries that allow us to supply our own young trees and provide them to the surrounding farms.

Thus, we can also contribute an important part to the socioeconomic development of the entire region of the "Region of Guadix".

lote nuez moscada

with us

At Bodegas Muñana, we work to give people unique experiences, which is why we also think of our workers. We are committed to stable and quality work in which you can be part of a professional and committed team. In addition to building a future at Bodegas Muñana

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