Muñana, vino de Granada.

Bodegas Muñana

There was a time in which the celestial bodies lined up…
and MUÑANA was born

MUÑANA is passion, strength, race, life, beauty, art, youth, tradition, joy, carpe diem, craziness, delirium… It means meeting with friends, hands hold by two lovers, celebrating success, an afternoon with a good book… it is the perfect time, the flavour that blooms and explodes awaking thousands of sensations, creating dreams and livening desires.

In short, MUÑANA is an exaltation of life in the form of wine.

Gama Delirio
Tradition variety
Limited editions
Visits and experiences
Packs Muñana
Have a great time
barrel club
weddings and events
personalized gifts
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+34 958 67 07 15  (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 h)
+34 666 55 94 09


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