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Bodegas Muñana is one of the commercial wineries with its own vineyard at the highest altitude in Europe with an area of ​​200ha. In addition to the vineyard, more than 70ha of pistachio and pecan nuts are grown. This makes us one of the largest walnut producers in Spain.

We grow six red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot , Syrah , Petit Verdot , Monastrell and Tempranillo . Also three white grape varieties: Sauvignon blanc , Chardonnay y Moscatel .

Bodegas Muñana's wines are made to create endless sensations on the palate.

Our winery is located in a natural space so wide that it allows us to carry out endless activities in full contact with nature. In addition to our famous tastings and experiences in the winery, in Muñana we have different routes and active tourism proposals.


Bodegas Muñana breathes history and tradition. Located in the north of Granada, it maintains the tradition of a land where the Romans made wine two thousand years ago.

The term Muñana probably derives from the Arabic-Hispanic word "al munya" (orchard or farm), and this in turn from the classical Arabic "al-munyah" (desire). This word originally designated an orchard or a country house, surrounded by gardens and land for cultivation.

Dentro de los dominios de la finca donde ahora crecen los viñedos, existió un antiguo poblado llamado Muñana habitado por moriscos, que tras su expulsión en 1610 quedó despoblado.

La Finca de Peñas Prietas, donde se producen los vinos de Muñana, se extiende por 180ha (hectáreas). Peñas Prietas aparecía como "Piedras Prietas" en diversos documentos en torno a 1845-1850, época en la que se fabricaba aguardiente. Deducimos de estos datos que existen viñedos en la finca incluso antes de la expulsión de los moriscos.

Currently, the property belongs to the Hess family.


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