There was a time in which the celestial bodies lined up to create the perfect spot for vine cropping...

A site where the clean and natural water from Sierra Nevada slithers among the vineyards.

A site where the high altitude (1.200 meters) and a great thermal amplitude joint an extremely rich soil for providing grapes with a unique character and personality.

A site called Bodegas MUÑANA, our estate, whose environment of unparalleled beauty invites to enjoy nature and inspires artists.

It is under these unique conditions that we grow our grapes and create our wines, whose production is performed by combining tradition in the collection, processing and crianza in natural caves, with high technology applied to manufacturing and analyses. This results in the production of wines with their own life and personality…





vino de sierra nevada granada

We are at an altitude of 1.200 meters (Muñana is the highest commercial winery in Spain), in the Cortes y Graena District, on the Northern hillside of Sierra Nevada (High Plateau), an area offering amazing conditions for obtaining extraordinary grapes.


The area offers great temperature contrasts of over 20°C between night and day, a good number of sunlight time and scars rain. All this contributes to high-quality differentiation thanks to a homogeneous maturation that avoids an excessive acidity and allows producing well-balanced wines.


200 hectares

  • Syrah - Red - French
  • Cabernet Sauvignon - Red - French
  • Tempranillo - Red - Spanish
  • Petit Verdot - Red - French
  • Monastrell - Red - Spanish
  • Merlot - Red - French
  • Chardonnay - White - French
  • Sauvignon Blanc - White - French
  • Moscatel de Grano Menudo - White - French 

Irrigation is performed with water obtained from the snow melt of Sierra Nevada, which is rich in minerals thanks to two water ponds with capacity for 96 million litres.


EXHAUSTIVE CONTROL of the WHOLE PROCESS from its very beginning: agriculture, oenology, crianza, bottling, labelling and distribution.

All our wine production is carried out with grapes from our own vineyards, which are intensively controlled during their maturation. The collection is made by hand in boxes containing between 15 and 20 kg and, when received, they are kept in a walk-in cooler over night.

We apply estate-of-the-art technology for obtaining the must.

The aging is performed in galleries within natural caves.

Storage capacity of French Oak Barrels and American Oak Barrels, purchased from the best French and American barrel suppliers renewed every 5 years; for 6-month crianza in the case of Delirio Roble and of 12-month in our crianzas.


We give life to wines liable to stay with you and make you dream, evolving, innovating and creating new varieties, because we love wine and want you to share our passion.


+34 958 67 07 15  (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 h)
+34 666 55 94 09


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