Peñas Prietas Estate Muñana Wineries

The history of the MUÑANA Wineries started in the 1980s, when the first vines were planted in the "Peñas Prietas" estate in order to obtain the classical young wines of the area.

Since then, the estate, its crops and its wines have evolved constantly. In 2002, the MUÑANA trademark was born. Its name refers to a site in the estate where the water from the snow of Sierra Nevada is received. It is also the name of a small town in Avila, called MUÑANA, located in an area that is highly similar to the estate, with regard to altitude (both located at 1.200m), orography (surrounded by mountains) and crops (peaches, cherries and vines)… perhaps the later is the actual origin of the name MUÑANA.

Changes, improvements and innovation at Bodegas MUÑANA, have never been discontinued, since 2006 to the present, provided by Agro Sierra Nevada S.L. They visualised the site as the ideal place to make a dream come true, which they had been brewing for quite some time: producing high-quality wines in Andalusia, that could be graded among the most representative once in Spain.

The ambitious expansion plan carried out since then, has included successive extensions of the vineyards under an intensive planning programme, improvement of the irrigation systems, extension and improvement of the winery facilities for manufacture and crianza, creation of new product lines, etc. This has allowed turning the winery into its current status: a referent that is continually receiving prizes and mentions of the highest rank in the world of oenology. This occurs thanks to our production of wines with really matchless shades prompting the outburst of a personality that growth directly from the soil: extraordinary grapes and unique maturation conditions.

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