Passion for Wine, Passion for life

As a painter mixing different colours in order to obtain the perfect shade, at MUÑANA, we have blended different varieties, in a perfect harmony and equilibrium, in order to express our vision of what a wine must be.

Pure velvet, pure elegance. Our Syrah is a delicate wine that caresses the palate.

MUÑANA Rojo and Muñana 3 Cepas are the Soul and Essence of our Winery, our definition. Life and evolving wines showing off a personality that makes them unique and unrepeatable, as unique as the moments they share with you.


A tasty, very deep and pleasant wine born from the union of the varieties Cabernet, Tempranillo and Monastrell. Year after year, Muñana Rojo has been awarded, the most important awards.

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Muñana Rojo


The jewel in the Crown of MUÑANA. Experts define it as important, fascinating and passionate. This wine balanced and deep, rich in nuances thanks to the perfect Assembly of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot varieties. National and international prestigious awards attest the entity of this great wine.

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Muñana 3 Cepas


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