Wine is a way of expressing; create emotions, awakes feelings.

Wine is art. Who could reflect the spirit of MUÑANA better than an artist? Who could do better than the youths in crystallise the fresh essence of its Young Line: Delirio?

Muñana Es arte

Betting on talent, art, youths and Granada, in 2015, the Julian-Morillas Family —owners of Bodegas MUÑANA— summoned for participation in the I Delirio Rosado Label Contest, in co-operation with the Granada School of Art. This was a PIONEER INITIATIVE attempting to crystallise, in the wine image, the artistic concept that underlies its fabrication, transforming the consumption experience into something unique since the very beginning.

Have an opportunity to create the image, for the 2014 vintage, of the one considered among the best rosé wines in Spain was, no doubt, highly motivating for the students of the Granada School of Art. Their responses to our summoning were filled with originality and quality.

Finally, student Ester Perabá was the winner thanks to her dynamic, fresh and greatly original design, which has enlivened the already thrilling personality of Delirio Rosado. The image was then baptised as La Musa (The Muse) and has inspired a whole revolution at MUÑANA. Furthermore, Ester has been ordered her first professional illustration project: renewal of the image of all the wines of the Delirio Line.

The series of labels embodies three characters, each with its own personality: Delirio Rosado, La Musa, a great inspiration; Delirio Joven, La Diva, a crazy idea; and Delirio Roble, El Deseo (Desire), temptation and temperament. These labels consolidate the creative line of a trademark that does already have it own life within MUÑANA, under our slogan: FEEL THE WINE EXPERIENCE.

Muñana es Arte


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